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Social Media Spotlight: The Darkened Gulf Coast

How the Larrykinglive Telethon has impacted the relief effort for the Gulf Coast oil spill, and the comments from users

New BP Protest Site Debuts: "I'm Sorry, BP"

Yet another social media site launches to vent anger at BP

Social markets for Social Media: An Introduction

Take a (broad) look at how different social media outlets are dividing and conquering the social world.

(Social) Media Check: #iranelection

“There was no Twitter Revolution inside Iran,” wrote Golnaz Esfandiari in a recent piece for Foreign Policy.

Facebook “Like”: Social Media Shapes the Web

It appears that Facebook’s “Like” feature is living up to expectations since it’s official announcement early in April this year. According to a post on the TypePad company blog, users to installed Facebook’s “Like” widget on their blogs were reporting increases in traffic from Facebook of up to 50%.

Twitter News: A Human Being's Execution Announced Through Social Media

Two days ago, Utah Attorney General Mark Schurtleff announced just before midnight via his Twitter account that he had given the order for convicted murderer Ronnie Lee Gardner to be executed via firing squad.

Social Media to Social Action, Part 5: Facebook vs. Youtube

5th and final in the series looking at how non profits are translating social media (specifically Youtube) into action.

Old Facebook News: What Draw Mohammad Day Means About Social Networking

You've probably already heard about a social media event called Everybody Draw Mohammad Day.

Social Marketing, iPads and Iron Man

In this future we’re living in, we read our comic books on our iPads. This is how mass social marketing works.


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