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The Solar Sail: The Green Transportation of Tomorrow

Overall, when thinking about green transportation people's minds tend to drift towards a few key concepts: electric vehicles, biofuels, or forms of green public transportation. Since that is where the majority of today’s green transportation innovation is focused you really wouldn’t expect any wildly different ideas.

UK's New Bio-Bug Uses a Different Kind of Biogas for Green Transportation

As their development continues, electric cars remain one of the most popular forms of green transportation currently on the market. However, biogas and methane fuel have been around for some time now have have done a long way towards making their own impact. Frequently coming from the byproduct of farm animals, especially cows, biogas is a cheap and effective alternative fuel source that is already commonly used in some parts of the world.

Straddling Buses Could Change Transportation in China

Straddling buses that pass over cars could change how people get around in China - and in cities all over the world.

How Green Is Your Airline? (Hint: It’s More Than Carbon Emissions)

One airline is advertising that its fleet emits less carbon emissions than a Prius per passenger mile. Obviously there’s more to being “green” than low carbon emissions. But let’s follow this story.

Mercedes Benz Builds Their Alternative Transportation Portfolio with the Vito E-Cell

Mercedes Benz has a long history of providing everything from luxury automobiles to large cargo haulers, but is has only been in the last couple of years that they have started dabbling in alternative transportation. Starting out with early concepts back in 2007, the company has since released hybrid models of their popular luxury sedans and is preparing to move forward with several more full electric products.


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