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Culture Lovers Rejoice as Grant Program Promises to Protect Rich US History

Local and slow travelers will benefit from an American grant program restoring some of the nation's top treasures.

Old Treasure Made New: Treasure Island to Become an Eco-City

Treasure Island eco-city touches on a sustainable travel concern: do humans help or harm?

Endangered Monk Seals Find a Secret Refuge

The world's most endangered seal, a rare Mediterranean monk seal, has found a hideout on an Aegean island in Greece. Scientists refuse to share the specific location with the public. Offers Sustainable Travel to the Ski Slopes (Via Train)

In Europe, skiers can usually access the slopes by train, and rail travel has plenty of advantages. As the the site, suggests about train travel: "it's better for you" and "it's better for the planet". Trains produce 90% of the carbon emissions of air travel.

Birmingham for Sustainable Travelers

Birmingham may soon be known less for negativity and more so as a rewarding sustainable travel destination.

Sustainable Travel to Volunteer on a Community Farm

For some, sustainable travel means getting their hands dirty for the benefit of the community and environment.

Eco Friendly Destination Feature: Nihiwatu Resort Reduces Local Malaria

Near the resort, Nihiwatu, on the island of Sumba, Indonesia, the Pasola ritual occurs in February and March. Blood is shed. Thousands of horseman charge one another on a battle field. Injuries are anticipated, and sometimes horses and riders die. Blood is necessary to make the ground fertile for the rice harvests in April and May.

Sustainable Travel- Oakland Style

Oakland, California’s Urban Village is a great choice for sustainable travel that supports urban improvement.

Using Sustainable Travel to Combat Obesity

Sustainable travel to a farmer’s market can be just as good for your children as it is for the environment.

Eco-Friendly Destination: Crowne Plaza Copenhagen, the Greenest Hotel in the World

Exercise bikes at the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen allow guests to generate electricity. Pedaling for 15 minutes earns exercisers a meal voucher, and creates 10-watt-hours of electricity. iPhones on the handlebars indicate the amount of power being generated.


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