CBRE Victoria Pledges to TAKE2 Climate Change Initiative

May 2, 2017 8:05 AM ET

CBRE has committed to help combat climate change by making a voluntary pledge to the Victorian Government’s TAKE2 Climate Change Pledge Program.

Launched by Premier Daniel Andrew and Minister Lily D’Ambrosio in June 2016 and led by Sustainability Victoria, the TAKE2 program aims to achieve net zero carbon emissions in Victoria by 2050.

CBRE is one of more than 250 businesses to have taken the pledge across a range of key industry sectors, representing a total of 260,000 employees.

Mark Coster, CBRE Senior Managing Director for Victoria, said the pledge signified CBRE’s ongoing commitment to working with key clients to achieve carbon neutral status and deliver sustainable solutions across the firm’s Victorian business.

“This pledge forms part of an overall commitment around not just CBRE’s carbon footprint but also the strategies we employ for our clients to assist them with their carbon aspirations. It is yet another example of the extra mile we go to ensure we stay ahead of the market and bring real advantage to our clients,” Mr Coster said.

CBRE’s Pacific Sustainability Director, Emma McMahon, noted that the pledge signaled CBRE Australia’s over-arching commitment to tackle climate change, due to the vital role corporations play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“CBRE has maintained its carbon neutral status each year since 2011 and we have set an additional 10% reduction on emissions target across our Australian operations by 2020,” Ms McMahon said.

“This target is aligned with the wider goal of keeping the Earth’s temperature rise below two degrees. We are committed to leading the way in the property industry by improving the efficiency of our operations and achieving reductions in water and energy use through behavioural and capital interventions.”

CBRE are currently reviewing global carbon emissions reduction targets as part of a revised Global Environmental Sustainability Policy, to be released in 2017.