Change or Be Changed: The Future of Food & Beverage is Now

Apr 28, 2017 11:40 AM ET

The food and beverage industry is facing major change and shifting expectations, and brands have to decide whether to adapt, or risk losing out.

This year’s WorldView event in NYC offered attendees a timely, big picture view of macro-trends the food & beverage industry is facing. Our four industry-leading speakers offered up a comprehensive overview of the current landscape, but what do we do with this information, and how do organizations embrace change and innovation rather than being left behind? Let’s break it down.

Our experts agree that the forces with the greatest potential impact on the food and beverage industry are changing consumer and stakeholder behaviors and with these come increased business risk throughout the value chain. Organizations today must operate under greatly increased consumer expectations and radical transparency—customers demand information, but also require organizations to meet their expectations regarding ethical, social, and environmental standards, as well as their nutritional preferences.

Companies must not only provide visibility into these issues, which directly impact buyer purchasing decisions, but must also be walking the walk. In a post-greenwashing world, authenticity is key, but not always easy. However, brands with purpose who are able to successfully communicate that purpose to their consumers are proving the victors in an increasingly competitive market.

Read the rest, including what companies can do to position themselves as leaders in the new world, over on the Antea Group blog

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Katie Nordenson