Chobani is Changing the World One Yogurt At A Time

Jun 25, 2019 8:30 AM ET

Whole Planet Foundation is proud to be supported by Chobani with $100,000 in donations in 2018 and a commitment for $50,000 this year.

Chobani CEO Hamdi Ulukaya’s new TED TALK centers on “the Anti-CEO Playbook” – his advocacy for a new way of doing business around community, responsibility, gratitude, and accountability. He shared his vision for business that prioritizes people, communities, and consumers over profit – what he’s calling the Anti-CEO Playbook.

"It is time to admit that the CEO playbook that has guided business for 40 years is broken. It tells you everything about business except how to be a noble leader," Hamdi says. "We need a new playbook. One that stands for more than profits. One that sees people again."

Hamdi has aimed to change the world since he launched Chobani in 2007 with the mission and vision of making better food more accessible. And since day one, Chobani has donated a portion of its profits to charitable causes, many of them in Idaho and Central New York where their products are made.

Hamdi also created a profit-sharing program for Chobani employees, implemented a fully paid parental leave program, launched the Chobani Incubator to mentor and support socially responsible food entrepreneurs, and founded the Tent Partnership for Refugees to mobilize the private sector to improve lives and livelihoods of the more than 25 million refugees around the globe.

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