CNH Industrial Announces Unprecedented Support for Brazilian Social Responsibility Projects in 2021

Feb 24, 2021 4:00 PM ET

CNH Industrial has a longstanding commitment to furthering sustainability in Brazil, not only in terms of the products it produces, but also more broadly in communities across the country. And 2021 is set to be a bumper year in terms of support: the Company has selected 31 projects which will receive some 4.2 million reais of funding.

The specific projects are closely linked to the themes of sustainability in three areas: culture, society and the environment and are accompanied by a strong focus on the educational development of children and young people.

“Being sustainable is intrinsic to CNH Industrial’s business, which reflects directly on the products and projects developed by our brands,” said Vilmar Fistarol, General Manager South America, CNH Industrial. “We act responsibly across all areas of sustainability be it environmental, economic or social.”

This year will see specific focus on projects in local communities around CNH Industrial’s production facilities and will concentrate on education, art, sport, culture and health. Education is a specific area of focus, as the projects are generally medium and long-term, leave a lasting legacy and benefit many aspects of the lives of those who participate.

CNH Industrial believes that programs which promote educational improvement, whether through delivering quality education, technical training or those focused on new technologies will help generate consumer behaviours which favour more balanced production. As such, projects which will be supported include those which strengthen libraries and those which implement socioemotional methodologies as teaching tools in public schools and institutions in complementary education. Other projects focus on helping young people and adults who require educational assistance to enhance employability, as well as promoting the entrepreneurial development of all those who participate.

CNH Industrial will undertake projects in the following locations near to where it has production facilities: Contagem and Sete Lagoas, in Minas Gerais state in the East of Brazil; Curitiba and the surrounding metropolitan region in Paraná state and Piracicaba and Sorocaba, in São Paulo state, both in the South East of the country. In addition to these cities, some projects have a broader scope, reaching cities in the interior of São Paulo and Paraná states. Since 2019 the Company has supported projects in the municipalities of Rondonópolis, Lucas do Rio Verde, Várzea Grande and Cuiabá, in Mato Grosso state in western Brazil.

Furthermore, CNH Industrial actively encourages its employees to participate in voluntary activities with partner institutions to promote the sustainable social development of a given location.

For CNH Industrial, solidarity never stops

In 2020, despite the challenges COVID-19 brought about, the Company maintained its commitment to its social responsibility initiatives. Twenty-three projects were supported with investments totalling some 3.5 million reais. Furthermore, the country also benefitted from an additional investment of two million reais from CNH Industrial’s Solidarity Fund, specifically focused on helping mitigate the impact of COVID-19.