Collective Ingenuity in Action: Highlights from Booz Allen's BESTCon

Apr 28, 2021 8:15 AM ET

While engineers and scientists are always innovating, the past year shined an especially bright spotlight on several areas: modernized infrastructure, technology systems, and scientific solutions supporting remote and limited-access environments, as well as emerging innovations in space and the digital battlespace.

BESTCon, which stands for Booz Allen Engineering and Sciences Technical Conference, highlights the firm’s engineering and science (E&S) solutions in these areas and more for the benefit of E&S professionals across the firm.  

“Our employees deliver innovative engineering & science solutions of the highest quality each and every day,” said Booz Allen Vice President Kevin Coggins. “BESTCon helps our technical professionals connect to their peers, understand capabilities and solutions being developed across the firm, and bring our collective ingenuity to bear to solve our clients most challenging problems - this is how we assure excellence in client delivery every single time.”

Building on engineering and science success

This year’s virtual event drew more than 650 attendees from 31 states and Washington, D.C—up 117% from the December 2019 BESTCon attendance

Thirty six Booz Allen E&S employees delivered 16 unclassified presentations on topics including communications, networks, and IT Infrastructure; engineering/sciences; infrastructure, energy, and the environment; and life cycle product support. They also presented capabilities ranging from radio spectrum-sharing for 5G to product support for combat readiness to managing invasive marine species. 

“It is cool that Booz Allen has these events—we have amazing innovators here and such a breadth and depth of engineering capabilities that we are delivering to clients,” said Lead Technical Specialist Pamela Middleton. “I value the opportunity to get a broader view of the work we’re doing and learn about the projects being developed throughout the company.”

Making an impact

BESTCon helps Booz Allen’s engineers and scientists earn credits for E&S certifications and stay innovative and on the leading edge of technology advancements. 

“Conference events like BESTCon help us see what work is being done in other markets and connects us to the experts within the firm who can collaborate to bring the best solutions to our clients,” said Principal Lee Knauss. “I attended BESTCon 2019 and learned about a capability that my clients could use to better achieve mission objectives. We’re now applying that solution in the client’s environment.” 

Booz Allen’s more than 4,500 E&S professionals collaborate and innovate to support client missions and businesses across nearly every U.S. Federal agency, the Department of Defense, and the intelligence community.

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