DSM: Driving Innovation to Enable Renewable Energy for All

Oct 2, 2019 2:10 PM ET

Electricity: the more our population grows, the more of it we need. And the more electricity we consume, the stronger the case for using renewable, non-polluting power sources in place of fossil fuels. Going forward, further innovation in solar and wind power technology is needed if we are to meet our future power supply goals. 

Sustainable design
Even ‘clean’ energy comes at a cost to the planet. Looking at next generation solar and wind systems, recycling solar panels or dismantling wind parks are presenting a challenge. DSM’s innovators are supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy by turbocharging the potential of both solar and wind energy systems and offering more economical vital end-of-use options. 

Same sun. More power.™
At DSM we have one, clear goal: to make clean, solar energy a reality for all by helping the industry further lower the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE). All our materials solutions for solar have one important benefit in common: they are proven to generate more power from PV (photovoltaic) modules.

Our first breakthrough was an Anti-Reflective coating for glass that is already enabling more than two hundred million solar panels to capture more of the sun’s power. This was followed by a unique Anti-Soiling coating to counter the sand and dust blown into the atmosphere in hot, dry environments and backsheets that deliver long-term protection and higher output gains for PV modules.

Nor are we stopping there, we continue to accelerate mainstream PV solar cell technologies and exploring smart new ones.

Winds of change
Ropes, lines and slings made with Dyneema®, our super strong and light fiber are the optimum solution for constructing and operating onshore and offshore wind farms.

From lifting and installing to anchoring floating offshore wind farms, Dyneema proves to be the most reliable and cost efficient solution and makes it both possible and economically viable to install and operate wind farms in previously inaccessible sites.

Fighting climate change together
With the world’s power demands projected to double by 2050, research shows that 86% of global electrical needs could be met by renewable energy within this timeframe. We truly believe that together with the industry, we have the power to make it happen!