Ecocentricity Blog: Front Five - Resource Efficient Transportation

Jun 21, 2017 9:30 AM ET

At speeds of 30 kilometers per hour, velomobiles require 3.5 times less energy than bicycles. Compared to electric vehicles, velomobiles are about 20 times more efficient. They are arguably the most efficient form of transportation on the planet.


I have a question, and it might be the stupidest question you’ve ever been asked. I’m concerned about what rarely-used corner of my brain this thought came from. Ready?

Assume that Elroy Jetson, son of George and Judy, were to meet and fall madly in love with Pebbles Flintstone, daughter of Fred and Wilma. Assume further that Pebbles, impressed by Elroy’s knack for star geometry and charmed by his devotion to his dog Astro the Second, falls in love with him instead of that rabble-rousing Bamm-Bamm Rubble. What kind of car would Elroy and Pebbles buy for their son, Boulder, on his 16th birthday?

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