Four Lessons Learned About Pivoting Toward Digital Transformation

Aug 30, 2019 11:45 AM ET

Schneider Electric is more than 180 years old, and we’ve pivoted several times. We started in iron and steel, and now we are providing energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability.

As you can imagine, we’ve learned many lessons along the way for making successful pivots. Since I just had the opportunity to participate in a global podcast conversation with Accenture’s chief executive of Accenture’s Communications, Media and Technology operating group, Omar Abbosh, and, musician, philanthropist, and technology investor, I’d like to share a deeper look about what it means to make a wise pivot for the sake of efficiency and sustainability, drawing on Schneider’s four lessons learned.

Listen to the podcast here

# 1: Keep your eye on a clear, consistent mission

You should know where you want to go well before you embark on the journey. At Schneider Electric, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We made the choice of efficiency 15 years ago. Our mission is clear and consistent: empower all to do more while using less resources, ensuring Life is On™, everywhere, for everyone, at every moment.

When it comes to this call to action, I am neither a pessimist nor an optimist: I am an activist. This daily action is building the path to reach our commitment to go carbon neutral by 2030.

The huge opportunity before us is electrification across the world, which will double by 2040. At the same time, BNEF anticipates 2/3 of power capacity will come from renewables. This evolution between centralized and decentralized energy systems and the convergence of energy and digitization open opportunities towards real efficiency and sustainability. In the past year, thanks to IoT technology and electrification, buildings are becoming smarter (e.g., use, cooling, heating), industries less energy intensive, cities and data centers more efficient. With leaders and empowered employees and partners, let’s keep moving forward to enable life, progress, and sustainability for all.

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