Four States Timberland Owners Association Growth

Oct 2, 2019 10:10 AM ET

Created in 2012 under the leadership of our Ashdown, Arkansas, mill, Four States Timberland Owners Association (FSTOA) has grown steadily to reach over 220 members with a total of 628,000 acres of woodland under FSC certification. Working with industry partners, Domtar has helped fund the certification process and make it more manageable for small landowners.

The group hosts events for existing and prospective members, including an annual meeting and mill tours. Domtar forestry leaders also speak to groups such as the Arkansas Farm Bureau, Arkansas Forestry Association and Women Owning Woodlands, where they explain the benefits of FSTOA membership and FSC certification. 

“Admittedly, at first there was fear of the unknowns about the FSC standard and fear of losing control and having someone from the outside telling us how to manage our forest land,” said Lance Childress, who manages the lands Ward Timber has in the FSTOA. “Membership in FSTOA has afforded me and my clients the opportunity to further understand and appreciate the FSC initiative.”

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