Free & Fun Resources That Connect Students to Careers

Sep 15, 2020 9:35 AM ET

From the impacts of artificial intelligence to unexpected global events like COVID-19, the job market keeps changing. Keep students on the path to success with content that explores the wide world of work. Help students pursue their passions and uncover innovative careers in exciting industries with Discovery Education’s immersive career exploration resources made for middle and high school. 

Wherever learning is taking place, these engaging and ready-to-use tools adapt to any learning style and skill level, invigorating exploration. Check out a wide variety of hands-on activities, digital interactives, virtual field trips, and additional resources that combine experiential learning and powerful real-world insights to help make student career investigations come to life!


Help students understand that they can do what they love for a career, so that it never feels like work! For example, by embracing the innerworkings of his favorite pastime growing up, Chris was able to take his video game experience and develop the computational thinking skills necessary to find his dream job! Explore the Ignite My Future career video vignette series to learn more about Chris’s road to becoming a Business Analyst.


With all the obstacles they’ve had to overcome this year, students are learning that life has its many challenges to be completed, but with careful planning, it will all be worth it. TGR EDU: Explore features lessons that help students explore their passions, then visualize, organize and illustrate how those passions can lead to future career success. Prepare students for the demands of the modern workforce, which prioritizes transferrable skills and the ability to blend multiple disciplines to achieve results with the latest Professional Development module “Interdisciplinary Learning: Making Connections”.


Every educator knows the value of STEM skills in students’ lives, but students themselves sometimes need a real-world reminder of STEM’s staying power. The world is currently providing a very real reminder of the incredible ways STEM professionals are our heroes! STEM Careers Coalition’s Solution Seekers career profile series introduces students to diverse STEM professionals who are pivoting their problem-solving skills in unique ways to help battle COVID-19 and Careers Portal provides first-hand insight into the impact of STEM careers across a variety of industries. 


Though the manufacturing industry is essential to our economy and offers a huge variety of rewarding and dependable careers, students might not feel a personal connection. Share with them that the primary areas they’ll be studying in the manufacturing industry are robotics, 3-D printing, and artificial intelligence! The Manufacture Your Future hands-on career guide acts as a virtual job fair for students to explore the exciting and challenging career pathways available in advanced manufacturing.


As cutting-edge science continues to reveal so much about the complexities of human health, students can see the real-world impact of health careers. You can take them directly to the crossroads of science and health with resources from Generation Health, connecting careers in the biopharmaceutical field with the STEM activities needed to get them there!


Challenging students’ perceptions of careers and industries expands their vision of where they might find success in the future. The interactive career exploration tool and video career profiles from Dig into Mining give students a deeper understanding of how STEM and analytical skills combined with cutting-edge technology solve real-world problems in today's mining industry.

With this content, students of today dive into the careers of tomorrow by discovering little secrets on the road to success. These career exploration resources are just the beginning! Discover all that Discovery Education has to offer by digging into Experience