Giving Children in War-Torn Areas a Chance to Learn

by Peter Schouten, Spokesman, War Child Holland
Oct 5, 2015 7:15 AM ET

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"At five o'clock in the morning there was a chemical attack on our neighbourhood. Everyone in our family was dead, it was just me and my mother left. I fled to Lebanon with my mother. I think it is too bad that our camp does not have a school and the school in the next camp is full. Because I was really good at math." (Seif, 10 years old, left Syria in 2013)

Unfortunately Seif's heart breaking experience is not a story of its own. Hundreds of thousands of his peers already have fled their home country Syria and are looking for school opportunities in the neighbouring countries like Lebanon and Jordan. Because that's what they miss most: going to school, learn things and play with friends. Like any other child of his age.

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