Green Isn't One Size Fits All

Blog by Julie Urlaub, Founder and Managing Partner at Taiga Company
Oct 21, 2010 10:42 AM ET

Look around and you'll see going green slogans everywhere.  The web is full of information on going green, living a sustainable lifestyle and advice on personal sustainability.   For many, this mountain of information can be confusing and at times a little overwhelming.   In fact, the post, A Practical Plan for When You Feel Overwhelmed, refers to overwhelm and its effect on our ability to make choices.  "The more numerous our options, the more difficult it becomes to choose a single one, and so we end up choosing none at all. That's what happens when we have too many things to do. We become overwhelmed and don't do any of them."

As a green living consultant, a common question we receive from friends, peers and clients is: “Where do I begin - there's so much?!”  As we so often emphasized: what works for one may not be the right fit for another.
Within our sustainability consulting experience, we have found that one of the keys to a successful personal sustainability plan is linking sustainability concepts to personal interest or even personal passion.  By this, we mean finding the “personal” in your personal plan.  It has to work for you!
Personal sustainability is a continuous improvement process that challenges an individual to constantly expand personal eco awareness.   This may seem obvious but it is so true.  There isn’t any one single defined path to sustainable living: there isn’t a beginning and there isn’t an end.  Personal sustainability is your journey of discovery. Click here to continue reading.

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