How (and Why) to Sponsor Your Nonprofit Partner to Attend VM Summit 16

Jun 23, 2016 8:00 AM ET

Your company’s volunteer program couldn’t exist without them.

I’m not talking about your employees — although that’s true, too. I’m talking about the nonprofits your employees dedicate their time to.

These nonprofits represent the causes that ignite your employees’ passions and inspire their hope for change. They consist of the people who work hard to recruit, train and manage volunteers (including your employees). And the people who have the power to join forces with your company and create real impact in your community.

At VM Summit 16, nonprofits and corporations will come together to understand how to best work with one another. What better way to maximize the experience than by participating with the nonprofits you already work with?

Sounds great, right? Not so fast. It can be difficult for the notoriously resource-constrained nonprofit sector to find budget for conferences and travel. Can your counterparts at your partnering nonprofit organization(s) afford to make it out to VM Summit 16 — even with our reasonably-priced and discounted-for-nonprofits ticket price?

If the answer is “no”, consider sponsoring your nonprofit partner!

The Benefits of Sponsoring Your Nonprofit Partner

VM Summit 16 will feature a morning full of Cross-Sector Coffee & Conversation. Targeted breakout sessions will begin the conversation and a cross-sector panel discussion will continue the dialogue through attendee interaction, which will be facilitated by Common Impact’s Danielle Holly.

These sessions will give you the opportunity to discuss and work through common challenges faced by corporate/ nonprofit partnerships. By having your actual partner at the actual table, you can gain insight into these challenges from their perspective.

You’ll also have someone to help you implement what you learn at VM Summit 16 into practice once you return home. Furthermore, your partner will be equipped with new knowledge to optimize their volunteer program, and in turn, your program and partnership will be better.

And finally, you’ll get to know your partner on a more personal level at our not one, but two, evening receptions.

How to Make it Happen

If you need approval from your company, share the benefits listed above with your manager. Then, make sure attending VM Summit 16 fits into your nonprofit partner’s schedule, and open up a discussion about who will pay for travel costs. Next, simply purchase a ticket at the nonprofit rate (you’ll be able to enter the name of the ticket holder separately from the purchaser’s name).

And finally, let your nonprofit partner know the great news!

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