How #BellLetsTalk Takes CSR to New Heights

Jan 27, 2017 2:30 PM ET

On January 25, 2017, the #BellLetsTalk hashtag appeared all across social media, particularly Twitter and Instagram. Bell Let's Talk, sponsored by Bell Media in Canada, is meant to focus specifically on sharing stories of mental illness in order to help normalize the struggles that people go through. Each time the #BellLetsTalk hashtag was used, 5 cents was donated to various mental health causes across Canada - this year raising $6,585,250 from 131,705,010 interactions. The yearly initiative has been going strong since 2010. According to their website's mission: "Millions of Canadians, including leading personalities engaged in an open discussion about mental illness, offering new ideas and hope for those who struggle, with numbers growing every year. As a result, institutions and organizations large and small in every region received new funding for access, care and research, from Bell Let’s Talk and from governments and corporations that have joined the cause." Their total donation projection is looking to be $100 million by 2020! Bell Media is a huge corporation in Canada, and for them to adopt this CSR initiative is a great example of how companies can both bring awareness to a cause as well as raise money for it. Here are a few examples of how people responded, both in Canada and around the world:

We even got into the #BellLetsTalk supportive spirit in the Toronto FrontStream office:

All in all, #BellLetsTalk was another successful day of fundraising and awareness, as well as a strong conversation starter when it comes to mental health in our communities - be it our coworkers, friends, or family.