How EHS Professionals Design an Effective eLearning Program

Oct 1, 2020 10:00 AM ET

eLearning. Online training. Webinars. Distance learning. Web-based training. Microlearning. With new advances in technology, trainers today have a myriad of choices on how to deliver training. Those of us in the EHS profession know that many regulations applicable to our industries require some level of compliance training, but with all of these new delivery methods, how do we ensure that our employees not only meet the minimum regulatory requirements but also learn something applicable to their role?

So Many eLearning Options
If you are exploring eLearning, you may have already found that the options present staggering ranges for both quality and cost. Basic compliance courses are readily available but may not meet the nuanced needs or your organization or your workforce. These off-the-shelf courses can check a compliance box, but do not teach the complex technical or decision-making skills that help your employees feel empowered in their roles and more confident in their competencies. They also can’t readily communicate just-in-time information you need your employees to critically apply, in five minutes or less. Each organization – and corresponding organizational needs for your employees – are different. Read Full Article on Antea Group's Blog.

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