How Time Warner Cable, The Connectory, and VolunteerMatch Collaborated for Mutually Beneficial Results

Meet Erin Hogeboom, One of the Speakers Behind this Upcoming VM Summit 16 Session
Aug 10, 2016 1:00 PM ET

Name: Erin Hogeboom

Title: Community Development and Network Strategy Manager

Company: National Girls Collaborative

VM Summit 16 Session: The STEM Trifecta: How Time Warner Cable, The Connectory, and VolunteerMatch Collaborated for Mutually Beneficial Results

What is your session about? And what do you hope attendees will get out of it?

Our session is about how to effectively identify a need that impacts multiple sectors, and then brainstorm, organize, and activate the stakeholders necessary to make effective progress toward meeting that need.

We hope that attendees will leave with tactical examples of how to work collaboratively with both corporate and nonprofit partners to create and implement a project that is win-win-win. We also hope that attendees can learn from our process what worked and didn’t work, and be able to implement better practices in their engaging with volunteers.

What is the biggest misconception people have about the nonprofit sector?

First of all, people misconceive that National Girls Collaborative itself offers STEM programming to youth, when in fact, we are a network of over 20,000 youth-serving STEM programs. This means any experience or exemplary practice we reference comes from a collective body, not just one organization.

As a nonprofit, there is a misconception that we only partner with other nonprofits, when in fact, some of our greatest collaborations are with industry leaders, including former Time Warner Cable, Google, and Microsoft.

What are you most looking forward to about VM Summit 16?

I am looking forward to the questions participants will have during our session on the partnership between National Girls Collaborative, VolunteerMatch, and formerly Time Warner Cable. I’m interested to hear what the takeaways are from them, and I’m excited to continue to learn from this project, through what I’m sure will be a very lively discussion. I am also eager to see what future partnerships might arise from the connections made at the Summit.

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