How to Be the Green "Go To" Person in Your Organization

Blog by Julie Urlaub, Founder and Managing Partner at Taiga Company
Jul 19, 2011 9:45 AM ET
There is a new generation of professionals who are turning their sustainability educations, eco awareness, and environmental passions into career ambitions.  When we think of ‘green’ jobs, we often picture a new opportunity, which may require a new set of skills, or a new place of employment with a job title and description that "sounds" green.   This may lead us to believe that ‘green’ jobs are elsewhere - and definitely not our current job.   However, entry-level and senior level positions are the best places to make career moves in green professional jobs, suggests Peter Beadle, President of   And, keep in mind, every job is a green job: it's all in how you do it.  If it is making an impact and making a difference that you are truly after, then transforming your current job into a green job is the one way to go.
With different approaches to "green" employment, traditional business practices would tell you to be self-sufficient and work your way through management via a combination of drive, determination, and a lot of hard work to be a change agent within the organization.   An alternative approach is to raise your visibility from your current position in the organization.  This will expose you to other people in the organization, gain a broader perspective of potential green opportunities, and allow you to identify and refine your leadership qualities.   Click here to read more about being the green "go to" person in your organization

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