HP Honored in GBCHealth Awards

May 20, 2013 8:45 AM ET

By Michael Thacker

The potential for private sector engagement with the world’s most pressing global health issues is vast, and the impact of well-targeted corporate initiatives is growing rapidly. Today’s outstanding programs were showcased at the Roosevelt Hotel, New York City in Business Action on Health Awards at this year’s Global Business Coalition Health Conference (15-17 May).

HP was honored with two prestigious awards – winner in the category of General Workplace/Workforce Engagement, which seeks to single out the very best workforce-focused health and wellness program, and commended in the category of Technology for Health, which highlights the use of new technologies (or innovative application of existing technologies) to address health challenges.

General Workplace/Workforce Engagement: Over 90% of the worldwide HP workforce is involved in HP’s multi-pronged employee wellness program, Winning with Wellness. At HP, Winning with Wellness is more than just a slogan or even a program--it's part of a culture we've built together that cares deeply about our employees, offering resources, support and encouragement which empowers them all to live better lives.  Designed to enhance the physical health as well as the emotional wellbeing and financial skills of HP people, this initiative started in the United States in 2010, and has since expanded to 36 countries promoting health through a web portal, global fitness competitions, awareness campaigns, financial management training and a whole range of local wellness initiatives.

Technology for Health: Developed in collaboration with the government in India and NGO’s, the new rapidly deployable, fully integrated cloud-enabled eHealth Center has attracted much attention and accolade since launching earlier this year. This easily transportable, standalone health center includes built-in generators, diagnostic equipment, and video conferencing equipment, bringing high-quality healthcare to remote and underserved populations.

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