Impossible Foods and Colin Kaepernick Fight Food Insecurity and Racial Injustice

Jul 17, 2020 3:25 PM ET

As COVID-19 tears throughout the U.S., the coronavirus may not be the deadliest part of the pandemic. CNN reports that the resulting hunger crisis could kill more people than the disease itself, especially minorities. In fact, triple the amount of Black households report not having enough to eat during COVID-19, compared with white households. Further, the disparities of hunger all ladder up to broader racial injustice in the United States. To fight disproportionate hunger in communities of color, an interesting duo has joined forces.

This month, popular plant-based foods company Impossible Foods and Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp have teamed up to help families facing increasing food insecurity since the start of the pandemic. The partnership was launched last weekend at a Know Your Rights Camp engagement at the San Francisco Marin Food Bank, where the two organizations provided food for the Al Pastor Food Truck to grill and distribute. Impossible Foods will also donate food for future Know Your Rights Camp engagements in Los Angeles and New York, as well as additional cities where food insecurity is rampant. The effort ladders up to Impossible Foods’ goal to donate plant-based food to at least 1 million people this year. The startup is already well on its way to achieving this goal, as the brand reports it has already fed over 750,000 individuals, as well organized events to benefit No Kid Hungry.

On the heels of its 9th “birthday”: the Impossible Foods mission of minimizing the effects humans have on our climate feeds well into this partnership with Know Your Rights Camp, as the consequences of climate change also unfairly impacts people of color. This crossover of two respected organizations is a prime example of the intersectionality of the many critical issues facing our society today.

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