Introducing the 2021 Porter Novelli Executive Influence Study

Sep 30, 2021 10:00 AM ET

There is no doubt the world of business is rapidly changing. Business leaders must understand the needs of all stakeholders, positively impact society and the environment and speak out on pressing social issues – while still improving business performance. Yet, for many executives, this is not something their business school education or job experience has prepared them to navigate.

Our latest research shows it’s time for a new class of business leader. One that leads with empathy by infusing the personal with the professional, authentically considers what matters to every stakeholder and understands how impacting societal issues can be an effective way to drive long-term business success. But this new path is not easy – and executives are the first to admit they need help in achieving it. The following report unpacks the various pressures today’s leaders face, the stakeholders they see as critical and who they are turning to for help.

Introducing the 2021 Porter Novelli Executive Influence Study.

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