Judgement-free Support Group Helps New Moms Thrive at Work

Feb 20, 2019 8:00 AM ET

Most working moms can agree: working and raising a family is demanding in ways that can sometimes catch you off-guard. In a recent New York Times article, researchers found that “women underestimate the costs of motherhood. The mismatch is biggest for those with college degrees, who invest in an education and expect to maintain a career.”

That’s why when our HR department experienced its own mini baby boom in early 2017, it was the birth of an opportunity. "We decided to pilot a Mom Circle to help working moms navigate their new normal – both at home and at the office," says AVP, Pam Yousey of Global Diversity & Inclusion.

It was soon obvious that the power of peer support was invaluable to those returning from maternity leave. Yousey, a mom of older children and fellow MetLife employee, Liz Curran – a new mom who was part of the pilot Mom Circle - have since led five more circles and are exploring a global rollout to MetLife moms with children under the age one.

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