Landfill Solutions

Oct 1, 2018 11:00 AM ET

Community asset isn’t a phrase normally associated with landfills, but Republic is proving just how important they can be to the community. The redevelopment of a major commercial area would have likely been in jeopardy without our regional landfill. We used our resources and technology to provide safe and responsible disposal options for special waste that once contaminated the development area – demonstrating how important landfills are for local development and community growth.

People use multiple adjectives when describing a landfill, and they’re usually not anything related to “community asset.” At Republic, we’re working to change that perception. We want everyone to know that landfills play a fundamental role in protecting our planet and helping communities grow, revitalize and prosper.

In Tempe, Ariz., community leaders had plans to redevelop an area located on the banks of the town lake. As part of this redevelopment effort, a leading Fortune 500 company wanted to build a new campus. The challenge? The building site was an old, unused landfill. To safely redevelop this area, waste from the former landfill had to be relocated. That’s where Republic Services came in — delivering a solution that safely excavated, processed and transferred 46,000 tons of old landfill waste (classified as special waste) to a regional Republic landfill, where it was responsibly disposed of in a lined, managed site. Jobs like this prove just how vital landfills are to protecting our planet while enabling community development.

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