ON Semiconductor Celebrates Pride Month

by Reed Michaelsen, Senior Instructional Designer, Global Learning & Development
Jun 23, 2020 2:40 PM ET

This month, ON Semiconductor takes the opportunity to celebrate Pride by encouraging all of our employees to celebrate themselves, each other and the qualities that make us different. In January 2020, ON Semiconductor launched its newest Affinity Network Group (ANG), Continua, a global source of advocacy, networking and education for all employees on LGBTQ+ topics. At the core of Continua is the belief that all employees, regardless of gender identity, expression or sexual orientation have one thing in common: we are human. Every day, but especially during Pride month, ON Semiconductor asks that our employees and business partners focus on cultivating an inclusive workplace where all employees are free and encouraged to be themselves, to support our LGBTQ+ employees and those who support LGBTQ+ family members and others in our communities.

To further this initiative, Continua is working with our diversity and inclusion council, facilities and HR to implement several changes across the organization to support LGBTQ+ employees, allies and their families both within ON Semiconductor and throughout our communities. Ranging from simple modifications to our offices to larger changes to our processes and procedures, Continua plans to make great strides to help LGBTQ+ employees and allies more comfortable and free to be themselves. Some of these modifications include seeking all-gender friendly facilities in our workplaces, expanding gender identification and gendered title options in the company data systems, and encouraging stronger LGBTQ+ healthcare benefits and protections.

ON Semiconductor has included sexual orientation and gender identity/expression in our corporate non-discrimination policy for several years, as the company recognizes and values our LGBTQ+ employees, regardless of the jurisdiction where they live and work.

“At ON Semiconductor we strive to create an environment where every individual feels totally comfortable being themselves in a workplace free of discrimination, harassment and retaliation regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation or ethnicity,” stated Keenan Evans, senior vice president of global quality, reliability, environmental health and safety and corporate social responsibility as well as the executive sponsor for Continua.  “Likewise, we support community action to redress social injustices and promote equal rights and human dignity for all.” 

The Company recognizes the recent Supreme Court ruling on Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which clarifies that in addition to our global non-discrimination policy, U.S. federal law also protects LGBTQ+ employees from employment discrimination in every U.S. state, city and jurisdiction. This ruling ensures that our LGBTQ+ employees and their families and friends who work elsewhere have strong legal protections from employment discrimination.  

There is still so much more work to be done in our nation and around the world to ensure equality and to abolish homophobia, transphobia, personal and structural racism, sexism and all types of discrimination in the workplace, the community and in society. The existence of a law, or company policy, is far from a complete solution to discrimination and we all need to continue the hard work of educating ourselves, changing our behaviors, learning from others and lifting up the marginalized voices around us. ON Semiconductor intends to continue to support and protect our employees, and work for meaningful change in our workplaces and communities. 

Please visit the Diversity and Inclusion site for more information around our diversity initiatives.