ON Semiconductor Hong Kong Site Celebrates Responsibility & Inclusion Week 2020

Written By: Zillah Chung, human resources manager
Dec 4, 2020 8:05 AM ET

With only single digit daily new COVID-19 cases, the Hong Kong human resources team decided to plan special activities tied to the company’s Responsibility & Inclusion Week. The team aimed at creating memorable employee experiences, at the same time driving the company’s values around inclusion, ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The majority of Hong Kong’s workforce is made up of Generation X and millennials who like to connect socially and build personal relationships. They are optimistic about change and advocate for the environment and social responsibility. It is therefore important for them to visualize how the company values people, actively responds to communities who are in need and is a role model for corporate citizenship. 

We raised the employee awareness of United Nations (UN) Global Impact of which our company has been one of the signatory working towards achieving 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) since April 2019. 

We also had three innovative activities for employees tied to Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation, https://www.hkbcf.org/en/ and Hong Kong Cancer Fund, https://www.cancer-fund.org/en/

October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual international campaign aimed to increase education and raise funds for further research into breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women worldwide, with at least 2.1 million women affected each year.

First, we promoted breast cancer health talks for our employees that provided comprehensive breast cancer awareness and a fundraising campaign in collaboration with the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation. Apart from a corporate sponsorship, we also encouraged employees to make donation to charity to support breast cancer patients.

Also, our employees joined volunteer project for two consecutive years to support breast cancer patients on their road to recovery, which were organized by the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation. Employee volunteerism is an important part of the global giving program. 

Lastly, we organized a “Pink Revolution Party” and encouraged employees to wear pink and received company funding in support of Hong Kong Cancer Fund’s free breast cancer care services and “Pink Recovery” packs, which will be used for breast cancer patients who have undergone surgery. The purpose of this event was to continue to raise employees’ awareness about breast cancer and encourage employees to also make a donation to the charity so that they can double their donation with the company’s matching gifts program to show our support for women touched by breast cancer.

Tony Lai, Employee Activity Committee chair and product marketing manager, said:

“The happy moment of the “Pink Party” demonstrated the company and Hong Kong employee’s caring and support to breast cancer patients in Hong Kong community. It was also a great experience for our employees to be able to make a donation to either charity using Benevity Spark and receive a company match automatically. To continue raise public awareness, the charity shared our event photos on their Web site and via social media.”

The human resources team strives for making a difference through employee activities that boosts workforce engagement, productivity and retention. We are also delighted to announce that we were nominated by Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation as the “Caring Company” in Hong Kong for 2020-21.

Check out our 2019 CSR Report to learn more about how ON Semiconductor supports the communities where we do business.