ON Semiconductor Recognized as Sustainability Champion With Award From Arizona Forward

Sep 27, 2019 3:10 PM ET

ON Semiconductor was awarded the Award of Distinction by Arizona Forward, an organization devoted to sustainability progress for Arizona, for their outstanding contributions towards sustainability. 

Arizona Forward celebrated its 50th anniversary with the community during an awards gala on Saturday 21st, which drew over 650 social influencers and innovators representing public and social interests.

Award categories included: the Governor’s Award for Arizona’s Future; Buildings and Structures; Site Development and Landscape; Healthy Communities; Technology Innovation; Art in Public Places; Sustainability Champion; and Waste Reduction. 

The highest award in each category is the Crescordia, a Greek term meaning, “To Grow in Harmony.” Judges also presented an Award of Distinction to other entries that deserved special recognition, for those who have made outstanding contributions towards sustainability.

This was the first year that ON Semiconductor applied for an Environmental Excellence Award. There were a total of 12 nominees in the “Sustainability Champion” category, highlighting the private and public sectors in Arizona. ON Semiconductor’s Award of Distinction in that category is a spotlight on their Reclamation Center and the fascinating ways they sort and dispose 2.5 million pounds of scrap materials annually. To learn more about our reclamation center efforts, please read our article

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