Our Collective Love of Red Meat

Blub, Cluck, Oink and Moo
Mar 22, 2016 10:45 AM ET


For those of you who read last week, that was the answer to our question. We are so very excited, and we are grateful that our baby is looking good and healthy on the ultrasound.

Now, on to this week’s post. Growing up, I had the inestimable blessing of a Southern mother who made dinner for the family most nights. This meant that I ate well. Mom, I didn’t say this enough back then, but thank you!

She made sure that we were exposed to a wide range of foods and that our meals were balanced from a nutritional standpoint. As is common in developed countries, animal protein was a part of almost every meal. That’s mainly the reason why the idea of vegetarianism has always felt instinctively strange to me – meat has always been my normal.

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