Pro Bono Service Remains a Key to Unlocking Corporate Purpose

By Alison Vultaggio, Associate Director, Corporate Leadership, CECP
Oct 21, 2019 9:00 AM ET

Pro Bono service has been a cornerstone of corporate volunteerism for decades.  As the kids would say, it’s the “OG” of skills based volunteerism.  

As companies continue to refine their corporate responsibility strategies to 1. align more closely with business goals and 2.  enhance the impact of the nonprofit organizations they support, pro bono service has shone stronger than ever as a win-win-win opportunity for the business, its employees and the communities they and their nonprofit partners serve.

This is reinforced with data collected from over 250 leading corporations through CECP’s Giving in Numbers (GIN) research, the unrivaled leader in benchmarking on corporate social investments.

In fact, in 2018 corporations reported in GIN that pro bono service was one the top three most offered domestic volunteer programs across all respondents, and the program that has grown the most over a three year period in terms of the percent of companies making it available to employees (2016-2018).

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