Reducing ON Semiconductor’s Global Impact

By: Staci O’Connell, Environmental, Health, and Safety Manager
Oct 31, 2019 12:05 PM ET

Our world is changing, the climate is changing, the global population is increasing, and the need for reliable energy continues to grow. Traditional energy sources, such as fossil fuels, will not last forever. It is time to look for alternative energy sources and conserve the energy we use. ON Semiconductor is doing just that.

ON Semiconductor is in the business of manufacturing devices that improve efficiencies in power systems and aid in energy conservation. We have a strong presence in the solar industry. Our circuits are used in solar power systems to increase the efficiency of distribution and consumption and to improve reliability and safety. In addition to providing customers with products that improve energy efficiencies and help reduce carbon emissions, ON Semiconductor manufacturing and test facilities are doing their part at the local level.

In 2009, the Facilities and Environmental, Health and Safety departments initiated an environmental sustainability program that sets goals for several environmental impactors, including energy consumption and carbon emissions. Since then, ON Semiconductor has been setting reduction goals every five years at the corporate level. Each facility has been setting annual goals to support these reduction targets. To accomplish these conservation goals, many sites have been using renewable energy sources.
Nearly every site in our company has access to renewable energy. ON Semiconductor facilities are using renewable energy from hydropower, geothermal sources, wind and solar. The renewable energy mix is dependent on energy suppliers, and some countries have more diverse renewable energy options than others.

In the U.S., we have three manufacturing locations in the Pacific Northwest, two in Idaho and one in Oregon, where renewable energy makes up more than 60% of the energy used. Energy supplies in this region are comprised of greater than 40% hydropower. Other parts of the U.S. have stronger solar and wind contributions. Our locations in Japan, China, South Korea, Belgium and the Czech Republic also have a good mix of renewable energy sources.

With our conservation projects and renewable energy usage, ON Semiconductor has seen significant reductions in electricity (kWh) used and carbon emissions (CE = carbon equivalents).