Reinforcing Our Responsibility to Sustainability

Intel is committed to building technology and products while leaving a positive impact in our communities
Oct 8, 2019 2:10 PM ET

By Ann Kelleher

Manufacturing Day started seven years ago to inspire more young people to become the manufacturers and innovators of the future. On behalf of Intel, I am happy to join the National Association of Manufacturers in celebration of manufacturing. At Intel, we have long believed that to truly be a leader in manufacturing, we must also advance environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility. For more than two decades, our sustainability practices have enabled us to be more efficient, reduce costs and produce innovative products that create significant value for our customers, investors, employees and community stakeholders.

Our long history of mindful manufacturing started with our co-founder Gordon Moore, who said: “We need to continually improve our manufacturing process, thereby reducing our burden on the environment and becoming an asset to the communities in which we live and work.”

Put simply: Everything we do today needs to harness the power of manufacturing to make a better tomorrow for everyone.

We’ve learned through the past few decades that long-term investing in sustainability spurs innovation that drives down cost and increases savings.

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