Rewarding Employee Environmental Efforts at Intel

Nov 5, 2019 9:30 AM ET

Through company-wide recognition, awards, and grants, we encourage employees to propose and implement projects to reduce environmental impact, support local communities, and generate bottom-line results. A few employee projects from 2018 included:

Low-Temp Soldering

A team of employees was recognized for developing a low-temperature soldering method to assemble circuit boards in products like PCs and phones. The technology minimizes warpage while enabling the building of thinner and more energy-efficient products. Intel is sharing the soldering method industry-wide because research shows that manufacturing products using the new technology could save the carbon equivalent of up to 50 million pounds of coal burned each year. Read more about their technological breakthrough.

Creating Compost

Employee volunteers in Malaysia received a Winners of Wonder grant from the Intel Foundation in 2018 to build a food waste composting station at a local school. The volunteers also educated students about the benefits of turning food waste into organic compost.


Seeking to educate their community about food waste and sustainability, Intel volunteers in California are using a Winners of Wonder grant to recover cosmetically imperfect, but nutritious produce that local farms previously would have discarded. The group is setting up farm tables at low-income schools to distribute the produce while educating students and their families about food waste.

To learn more about Intel's commitment to a sustainable future, read the full report.