Rynae Benson honored with Spirit of Volunteerism Award in Orange County, California

Verizon Foundation Volunteer Featured for Tireless Service of Homeless Women and Children
May 20, 2013 11:00 AM ET

When Rynae Benson started volunteering with Colette’s Children’s Home (CCH), a home for homeless women with children, in 2010, she wasted no time jumping in and becoming involved in any way possible. In her first year volunteering, she worked with CCH staff and Board of Directors to begin organizing weekly activities for a weekly children’s group program and helped implement a birthday club for the homeless children. For Valentine’s Day she prepared personalized gifts from the children to their mothers. In Spring, Benson put together hundreds of Easter Baskets and organized volunteers to assemble Mother’s Day gift bags.  Every Fall, she and her teenage son hold a Halloween costume drive and during the holidays she has organized co-workers, family members and friends to adopt families for Christmas.  If that wasn’t enough, last year she joined the fundraiser advisory board and works passionately to involve and educate others about homeless issues and stewardship activities.

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