#SERESResponsables, A More Human Enterprise

by Ana Sainz, General Director, Fundación SERES
Apr 6, 2020 8:00 AM ET

A health emergency such as the one we are experiencing will surely leave us with a different world from the one we know, which will strip away what is accessory (as crises usually do) and offer us an environment with new opportunities to innovate, improve and work to impact society in a positive way. Uncertainty reigns, but I have no doubt that companies are the agents best prepared to face change, assume leadership and provide solutions to social challenge,- which are not-and will not be-few.

At SERES, we have seen how companies have taken a step forward in this global crisis of COVID-19. Fast, fierce and with an impact on the entire global village and especially on our country of Spain, one of the red zones in Europe. We have seen how this movement of shared value between society and business, which we have been defending together for over a decade, is becoming more necessary and crucial than ever.

SERES, as a transformative movement of companies, understands this moment as the opportunity for real collaboration, to implement new work processes, greater efficiency and sustainability in the results. Although it is not an easy task, many of them are already working to ensure the development of creativity, collaboration and interpersonal dynamics, as well as skills related to specialized sales, human resources, care and education roles. In short, to create opportunities for people's future.

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