STEM Block 'Xploration Station' Returns to Fox TV Stations This Weekend

Sep 11, 2015 4:00 PM ET

After a successful first season, the Emmy-nominated two hour block of STEM programming Xploration Station will return to local Fox television stations across the country this Saturday. Each of the four series comprising the block will return, including Xploration Awesome Planet, hosted by Philippe Cousteau, Xploration Outer Space, Xploration Earth 2050, and Xploration Animal Science, and new episodes will also be available to stream for free on Hulu.

"We take our kids programming very seriously and feel that Xploration Station is a rare, focused effort within the E/I world," said Frank Chica, SVP of Programming for Fox TV Stations, when the series were picked up last year. "Its emphasis on STEM education is timely [and] important."

This season, the shows will continue to offer cutting edge education programming. In their first episodes, Xploration Awesome Planet and Xploration Outer Space will travel to Yosemite National Park and count down our top 20 moments in space, from explosions on the sun to major planetary discoveries. In addition, artist and entrepreneur Chuck Pell joins the team as the new host of Earth 2050 and will spend the first episode investigating the living spaces of the future.

"The Fox renewal shows that Xploration Station is resonating with an audience that has so many other choices," said Executive Producer Steve Rotfeld. "We get emails every week from not only viewers but school teachers who reference the shows in class and recommend it to their students."

Later this season, Xploration Outer Space will reveal the winner of the #StudentAstronaut contest, a competition that ran this summer giving one high school or college student the chance to complete a special 5-day astronaut training program alongside host Emily Calandrelli and be featured on the show.

All four series premiere this Saturday, September 12, on local Fox stations.

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