Students Top Off Energy-Efficient Experience With Pizzas

SCE’s Foodservice Technology Center recently hosted students from Chino and Chino Hills High Schools for a course in maximizing kitchen space.
Apr 11, 2019 8:15 AM ET

Students from Chino High School and Chino Hills High School may not have felt like they were in a classroom, especially since they got to make their own pizzas and eat them afterward.

But that’s exactly what they got: a lesson in energy-efficiency and maximizing the space in your kitchen.

These culinary students recently toured Southern California Edison’s Foodservice Technology Center and learned about the latest in energy-efficient kitchen equipment, including induction ranges, steamers and rapid cook ovens.

In addition to the benefit of water filtration systems, the students also learned about how to set up a cost-efficient kitchen using the latest energy-efficient equipment.

The highlight for most of the 40 students was the chance to make and eat their own pizzas in the rapid cook ovens.

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