Sustainability Tips from Colorado Rocky Mountain School (Installment #2)

Carpool or ride the bus instead of driving to school alone
Oct 29, 2009 4:12 PM ET

Problem: On average each of our high school day students drives approx 13.4 miles per day coming and going to campus getting approximately 27.2 miles to the gallon. Will all 67 day students combined, we are using over 80 gallons of gas each day and spending over $350 daily. While those numbers may not sound that significant, when you calculate them out over the course of the school year, it results in 13,200 gallons of gas being consumed costing over $59,000.

Solution: Since many of our day students live close to one another (whether it be in Glenwood Sprigs, Aspen, Basalt or Carbondale) if they would all pair up and carpool to and from school together it could save over $30,000 in gas consumption annually.

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