Water Wars: Fighting Over Earth's Most Precious Fluid

With global water use growing at more than twice the rate of human population increase in the last century, the issue of water security is quickly rising to the top. When it comes to life's most precious fluid, mankind has two very different choices: conflict or cooperation

The New Nigeria: Sustainable Banking, Responsible Investment and Social Innovation

(Justmeans/3BL Media) -- Two years ago, I wrote about the signing of the Nigerian Lending Principles—a landmark agreement made by eight of the nation's leading banks to commit to sustainable financing at the first Nigerian Sustainable Fina

NYC Marathon Team to Raise Money for Kenyan Children's Hospital

shoe4africaA racing team in the upcoming New York City Marathon hopes to raise over $130,000 to support the construction of Kenya's first children's hospital. Sponsored by PepsiCo, the team will donate the money to Shoe4Africa, the nonprofit that has been raising money for the hospital since 2008.

Socially Responsible Campaign Targets African Children With Type 1 Diabetes

Novo Nordisk is looking to increase access to education and treatment for children with type 1 diabetes in Africa.

Africa and Denmark Join Forces to Promote Investment in Sustainable Energy

TS23-29African greentech projects get a sustainable finance boost from the Scandinavian kingdom

Denmark has a long history with Africa. From the 17th to 19th centuries, the relationship was primarily that of colonizer and colonized, as the small European nation established several trading posts and forts along west Africa's Gold Coast.

Portable Sustainable Power Company is Awarded at LOPE-C

A sustainable energy company is reaping awards with its portable solutions for off-the-grid regions.

Carbon for Water: A New Sustainable Finance Model Saves Lives and the Environment

800px-oxfam_east_africa_-_muddy_waterAn innovative carbon finance scheme tackles several issues at once: climate change, deforestation, poverty, disease and lack of clean water


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