Alternative Transportation

Rochester Institute of Technology: Innovative Green Transportation Leader

Colleges and universities must have the right leadership that sets the tone for going green in their transportation practices.  The Rochester Institute for Technology is a leader in green transportation technology by setting the right tone.  To set the

Is your Campus Bike Friendly?

When choosing a college and university to attend, one of the first things that may not cross anyone's mind is:  How transportation friendly is the particular school in terms of alternative transportation?  Does the school have bike paths whereby students, faculty, staff, etc.

What are your Green Transportation Ideas?

Green transportation may not be as easy as it appears on paper.  In particular, for companies of the 21st Century, to compete they must find innovative and creative ways to go green and maintain as well as increase their bottom line.

How has the Green Transportation Sector Faired in the Recession?

Does the green transportation sector exist?  Are there really jobs within it?  On one side of the debate, those who are environmentalists, business-people, and others argue how the green sector does exist and has created jobs especially in this poor economy.

Green Transportation in California

Going from green to gold requires new and innovative ways of thinking.

College and Business Partnership: Expansion of Rail as Alternative Transportation

When businesses support college endeavors to find solutions to many 21st challenges, good things happen!

Econation Bringing Eco-Conscious Innovation to the Forefront

Everyday it seems many companies are trying to win accolades for their commitment to going green.  The question is a company truly genuine in its commitment to go green when it comes to transportation or is it simply engaging in green washing?

Flex Car Programs: Marrying Going Green with America's Car Culture

What is uniquely American is a distinct car culture.  Compared to many societies around the world, the U.S.

Alternative Transportation and the Airport Search Debate

If the US had a high-speed rail network, we wouldn't have to sacrifice privacy for safety during long-distance travel.

Zipcar Programs: Gaining a Foothold at Colleges


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