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In Second Inaugural, a Bold Stance on Climate Change, but Tactics Still Uncertain

President Obama outlined a proactive stance on climate change during his second inaugural address.

With Uncertain Financial Future, Cloudy Skies Ahead for American Cleantech

Clean energy innovation in the United States is moving to financially friendlier shores—like China

Looking at 2011 VC investment figures, it seems like the cleantech industry in the United States is doing just fine.

In Stark Contrast to Republicans, Obama Caps DNC with Forceful Message on Climate Change

In a speech accepting the nomination for President at the Democratic National Convention, President Barack Obama unambiguously stated that "climate change is not a hoax." In doing so, Obama presented a sharp contrast between himself and his Republican opponent Mitt Romney, who derisively dismissed the climate crisis during his speech accepting the Republican nomination for

Clinton Nominates Obama, Almost Completely Ignores the Environment

In a speech calibrated to appeal to independent voters, former President Bill Clinton nominated Barack Obama for President on the second day of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

Coming to Casablanca: The United States and the Maghreb Build Economic Partnership

For businesses seeking to access North Africa's emerging market, NAPEO offers a window of opportunity for long-term sustainability through public-private partnerships

In the Clean Energy Poker Stakes, Obama Goes All-in

President Obama's "all-in" energy strategy might hasten America's continuing decline in the race to lead the world's clean energy market

The Heat Is On: Green Climate Fund in Danger in Durban

"Governments must find ways -- now -- to mobilize resources up to the $100 billion per annum pledged." -- U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon on the Green Climate Fund

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