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The Power of Data Science Used to Create Positive Change

File:DARPA Big Data.jpg(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Virtually every sector of the global economy has access to more data than would have been imaginable even a decade ago. Data is being used to solve tough challenges, plan strategically and ensure growth.

Can Big Data Feed Us All?

(3Bl Media/Justmerans) - We’ve heard a lot about how the ubiquitous and free flow of information is going to improve our quality of life, through smart phones, smart grids, smart cities and smart cars. That’s all well and good, but what about basic questions like can I get enough to eat?

Well it turns out, big data has some good news for us there, too.

Ramez Naam, in his book The Infinite Resource, described some cutting edge agricultural projects with yields anywhere from ten to a hundred times the norm. Using this as a benchmark, Naam surmises that we will have plenty of food to feed ten billion mouths. Agronomist Kenneth Cassman from the University of Nebraska, took this idea to the work boots on the ground level when he and his colleagues unveiled the Global Yield Gap and Water Productivity Atlas last month at the Water for Food conference in Seattle where the theme was “Harnessing the Data Revolution to Ensure Food and Water Security From Field to Global Scales.”

The map contains site-specific data that shows where actual yields fall short of their potential due to any number of factors including drought, soil, and farming practices. Big Agro companies, like Monsanto and Syngenta, who sponsored the conference, can use their data to target development and marketing of specific products. But the data can also be used to help small farmers who number over 500 million and produce half the world’s food.

Cities on the Verge: How Data and Technology Will Accelerate Urban Sustainability

GreenBiz's VERGE Salon focused on next-gen buildings and cities

Dan Probst of Jones Lang LaSalle Honored for Leadership in Next-Gen Buildings

Dan Probst of Jones Lang LaSalle has won the inaugural VERGE 25 Award in the category of Next-Gen Buildings. Probst, who is Chairman of Energy and Sustainability Services, received the award for harnessing building automation systems to drive sustainability and for advocating for greater data transparency.

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