Report Reveals Unsustainable Water Requirements for U.S. Energy Policy

A new report reveals that traditional electricity generation technologies require huge demands on increasingly scarce water resources, while solar and wind power plants require relatively little water.

Earth, Inc.: Will Corporate Monopolies Dominate the Green Economy?

Rio+20 may launch the "biggest Earth grab in 500 years," argues new report

UK Body Promotes Biomass as Sustainable Energy

The UK biomass industry wants government support but it faces opposition from the public.

Google Goes Green With Biofuel Investment

The folks at Google Ventures have been very active in the green venture capital space lately.

Biomass for the Masses Could Energize Economies in Developing Countries

Biomass should play bigger role in developing countries' energy mix, says IIED

The EPA Doesn’t Want to Play with Biomass Emissions Today

Last month, January, 2011, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) postponed deciding how to regulate carbon emissions from the combustion of biomass.  Biomass is viewed as a renewable energy resource but shares several characteristics with fossil fuels.  Unlike solar, wind, hydro, or even geothermal, biomass must be combusted after it is harvested just like oil, gas, and coal.

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