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Merck Shines with Green Energy Systems for its Buildings

Merck leads in sustainable performance on several fronts, including energy-efficiency solutions for its buildings.

GE Helping Homebuilders to Design Eco-friendly Homes

GE is making significant contributions to the green building industry using its innovative technologies.

Starbucks Gets Greener Stores

Starbucks pursues its ambitious goal of achieving LEED certification globally for all its new company-owned stores.

Labor Protests in America and the Rise of Economic Inequity

Economic injustice is at the root of public unrest. Wisconsin labor protests are symptomatic of a much deeper malaise.

China is the Surprise World Leader in Green Energy Investments

China is quietly positioning itself as the world’s next green superpower with large investments in clean energy.

Democracy in Libya can Contribute to a More Sustainable Planet

Africa’s thriving Niger Delta faces an ecological threat from Libya’s ambitious water plans.

Enablon Named as World Leader in Energy and Carbon Management Software

Enablon, a top provider of energy and carbon management software, receives recognition as a world leader in its field.

Zero Carbon Homes from Morris Homes UK to Open a New Chapter in Green Housing

Zero Carbon Housing is one of the major initiatives towards sustainable global development.

Obama’s High Speed Rail Plan is a Key Step Forward in Sustainable Development

Obama Administration’s $53bn High Speed Rail plan is smart economics combined with great environmental benefits.

Which Green Companies Should You Buy Valentine's Gifts from?

Celebrate an earth-friendly Valentine’s Day and give a unique pro-environment gift to your loved one.


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