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Aerospace Goes Green?

<p>Today's <a href=";oref=sl...">NYT</a> Business Section features a report from the Farnborough Air Show, a week-long aerospace industry extravaganza, citing that sustainability is a key theme in this year's show.

A New Medium for Change

<p>I have been working on the technology side of JustMeans for over seventh months.

Unleashing the Power of Waves

Alla Weinstein, a renewable energy entrepreneur, discusses AquaBuOY, a technology that converts energy from waves.

Another Piece to the Microfinance Puzzle

<p>This is my first post, so I want to start by saying a bit about who I am, and why I&rsquo;m writing this.&nbsp;Second, I want to describe a looming puzzle about microfinance.

Opportunities in Outsourcing Ripe for SMEs

<p class="MsoNormal">As corporate competition rises companies are constantly looking for solutions to increase efficiency at manageable costs.<span> </span>Several companies have discovered that outsourcing certain operations of their business has provided these solutions and allowed them to leverage their competitive edge.<span> </span>The idea behind it is to outsource secondary operations that are not core skill areas of your company.<span> </span>This effectively allows your staff to focus on key, income generating areas of operations.<span&


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