Does Canada Equate Environmentalists With Terrorists?

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - A newly proposed Canadian terrorism bill is raising some eyebrows among environmental groups. A document entitled “Critical Infrastructure Intelligence Assessment,” that was obtained by Greenpeace, classifies anyone concerned about climate change as a potential “anti-petroleum extremist.”

As such, these individuals or groups could be referred to a newly empowered Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) under the auspices of activities “that undermine the security of Canada,” particularly with respect to “critical infrastructure.”

Okay, so they’re worried about people who might blow up pipelines or refineries, fair enough. But they are specifically calling out well-established groups like Sierra Club and Greenpeace. I mean The Monkey Wrench Gang was written a long time ago.

Paul Champ, a lawyer working with the BC Civil Liberties Union, told The Globe and Mail that he had, “real concerns [that the new law] is going to target not just terrorists who are involved in criminal activity, but people who are protesting against different Canadian government policies.”

For one thing, the bill, known as C-51, is written from a denialist perspective, saying that these groups, “assert climate change is now the most serious global threat, and that climate change is a direct consequence of elevated anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions which, they believe, are directly linked to the continued use of fossil fuels….”

Exclusive Q&A with Karen Clarke-Whistler, Chief Environmental Officer, TD Bank

TD continues green strategy with the first bank-led green bond in Canada

Canadian Business and Water Leaders Talk Innovation

The sustainability challenges facing Canadian business leaders and water experts are unsurprisingly similar:

“How can companies design resilient sustainability programs that can survive leadership changes, economic downturns, political shifts and other setbacks?”

“Canadian Content” Advances Green Debate

Colorado River Delta #2, Near San Felipe, Baja, Mexico 2011. ©Edward Burtynsky, courtesy Nicholas Metivier Gallery, Toronto / Howard Greenberg & Bryce Wolkowitz, New YorkThe oil sands/pipeline debate carries on in Canada at the start of 2014.

Farm Credit Canada Exceeds Food Drive Goal: 6.5 Million Pounds Collected

When I first reported on Farm Credit Canada’s (FCC) Drive Away Hunger Campaign in the spring, the agricultural lender was aiming to collect five million pounds of food to be distributed through Food Banks Canada. In the end, the 10th anniversary campaign, which wrapped up recently, outdid the target and increased donations by 108 percent over last year.

Canadian Conference Explores Transformational Collaboration for Systems Change

logo_accelerate_conference_0The Natural Step Canada will be gathering sustainability leaders next week to learn about and experience the collaboration needed for transformational change. Over two hundred participants are expected in Guelph, Ontario from June 10 to 11 for the Accelerate: Collaborating for Sustainability Conference. Why this conference now?

Mexican Coffee Growing Community Members Blog to Connect with Canadian Coffee Drinkers: Van Houtte’s Farm Views Project

farmviews1A busy coffee drinker at a Van Houtte® coffee shop in Canada or shopping in the coffee aisle at the grocery store may not have a coffee farmer on his mind as he grabs his daily fix.

Aeroplan Members Share A Milestone: 300 Million Aeroplan Miles To Charities

aero_beyondmile_en-white1It started quietly seven years ago, with one web page online inviting Aeroplan loyalty program members to share their Aeroplan Miles with seven Canadian charitable partners. Seven years on, Aeroplan Members have donated more than 300 million miles to NGO’s in Canada and around the world to complete their missions.

Canadians Respond to Bangladesh Factory Collapse

clothingonrackAs the bad news from Bangladesh continues, with the death toll from the Rana Plaza building collapses surpassing a gut-wrenching 1,000, and additional deaths in a separate factory fire last week, Canadians, from corporations to NGOs, are responding to the tragic circumstances in a variety of ways.

Canadian Retailers to Ban Sow Gestation Crates

Eight major Canadian retailers are dropping sow gestation crates from their supply chain.


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