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Bring Back the Rectangle -Redistricting For Safe Seats Creates Stalemate

Why can't Congress get together and do something, anything? Because Congressmen understand how to get reelected

Ceres Assails Corporate Disclosure on Water Risk – SRI More Powerful than SEC?

A recent report from Ceres, UBS and Bloomberg assails corporate disclosure on water risk and the results may have more impact than you expect.

Happiness, Gratitude, SRI and the Part Timer.

Happiness, not growth, is the goal and part time is the answer.

My Shirt Is An iPod – SRI Opportunity?

New developments in nanotech bring clothing that also functions as an electronic device a step closer to reality.

SRI Short Sales - Doh! Homer & Friends II

Homer Simpson, Gordon Gekko and Henry David Thoreau consider hedge funds and short sales as SRI.

SRI Hedge Funds- Doh! Homer & Friends I

Homer Simpson, Gordon Gekko and Henry David Thoreau consider short sales and hedge funds as SRI.

Gambling - Sustainable or Unacceptable Financial Risk for States

Embattled states are struggling to squeeze more revenue from gambling, just as the gambling business struggles.

CSR and Profitability – Cause and Effect or Chicken and Egg?

Socially responsible behavior leads to profits right, or is life a little more complicated, and what should we do about it?

G7 Global Bank Tax – GLOBAL???, can it pay the bills and cut financial risk?

News from the G7 finance meetings included the group's support for a global tax on banks – but what exactly is a global tax, how is it implemented, can it work?


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