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Investment Policy Statements and Sustainability

Investment policy statements (IPS) are key components of the governance around investment approaches.

Good News in Social Investment

Investment for social returns is gaining from new approaches to marketplaces, exchanges, and capital.

Investing in Water

Investing in water creates cash to build pipes, but challenges where the line between profits and human rights lies

Would a “Wise Latina” in the Boardroom Make Any Difference?

The SEC wants to know what you think about diversity in the boardroom. It is important for justices, why not boards?

So What Do We Want of Banks?

So what do we want of banks? Let's start by expecting they are still standing when we get our cash back. Or better.

Sending Money Managers with Laptops to Copenhagen

Why not use money managers with XLS simulations to keep the UN FCCC in Copenhagen real?

Charles Handy and the Question of Trust at Tallberg New Leader Program 2009

Thirtysomething. Yip, that still has a good ring to it. And while my wife keeps trying to round it up to forty, it works for a while longer.

A New Independence Day for America and the Global Community

What does “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” look like in the global economy of the 21st century?

Connecting Investor Relations officers and CSR officers = IR+CSR

How many ways may we successfully present the ESG factors in the sustainability investment case? Finding numbers for the cost/benefit of sustainability is perhaps less fashionable than in 2007, but presenting the investment case – the sum of all business cases at a point in time – remains an unpracticed role of sustainability practitioners and CSR departments.


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