Causes Of Climate Change

New Zealand Companies Crack Down on Illegal Timber

The NZ Imported Tropical Timber Group says it will only buy Indonesian wood verified to be legally harvested.

Ethiopia Moves Toward Carbon Neutrality

Ethiopia's announcement that it will reforest 15 million acres is latest in a series of initiatives to curb emissions.

The US Chamber Doesn’t Speak for these Businesses

Close to 1,400 business owners (and counting) declare the US Chamber of Commerce doesn't represent their interests.

Girl Scouts Save the World (and Indonesia’s Forests)

Two inspired Girl Scouts have set out to change the world and their organization one box of cookies at a time.

Climate Change: It's the Physics, Stupid

Climate change comes down to physics. They don't lie and they don't have an ideology. Why doesn't everyone realize it?

US Green Chamber of Commerce to Advocate Climate Solutions

The San Diego-based organization could eventually become more important than the more and more obsolete US Chamber.

Soot and Smog Important in Climate Change Fight, Says UN

Curbing soot and smog pollution quickly could buy precious time in the longer-term effort to stop climate change.

New EPA Report: US Emissions Down, Still a Need to Act on Climate Change

US emissions were down in 2009. There's still a long way to go to meaningfully address climate change, though.

The Results Are In (Again): US Voters Like Clean Air

Two polls released this month show the Clean Air Act and Environmental Protection Agency are wildly popular with voters

Golden Agri-Resources to Deforest No More?

The palm oil branch of the Sinar Mas conglomerate responds to pressure to stop destroying Indonesia's rainforests.


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