Causes Of Climate Change

The Year the Tide Turned Against Coal

For the second year running, no coal plant broke down in 2010. Closure dates were set for 48 dirty coal plants.

Climate Change Uncertainty Cleared Up by Broken Glass

The physics of broken glass used to clear up uncertainty over the climate science of dust. (Yes, you read that right.)

Nitrogen Input in Rivers Causing Climate Change, New Study Finds

New information on how rivers contribute to climate change due in large part to human inputs.

Climate Change Vocabulary: Probability

What are the odds we're altering the climate system? Part of an ongoing series about the vocabulary of climate change.

Measuring Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Time Running Out for Forests and Climate Change

This month in Cancun, the world has a chance to dramatically curb deforestation. The trick is in doing it right.

Will the US Stand by its Climate Aid Promises?

A broad-based movement urges the Obama administration to stand by pledges made last year in Copenhagen.

Climate Change Inaction is the Real War on the World’s Poor

Climate change will cause around one million deaths per year, mostly in poor countries.

Fiji Water's CSR Climate Change Issues

Fiji Water is paying a new water extraction tax. Why not a bottled water import tax to address climate change?


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